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Salient features

  • World Class Infrastructure with 4 Acres lush green Campus 

  • Activity based curriculum with creative learning

  • Extra and co curricular activities

  • Well trained and specialized faculty

  • Child centric approach

  • Safe and secured environment

  • English lab to enhance language skills

  • Calligraphy for better Hand Writing practice

  • Mathematics lab to enhance numerical, analytical and logical skills

  • Abacus and advanced mathematics

  • Advanced science labs

  • Technology and education go hand in hand - Computer Lab- Computer to each student with internet with latest IT facilities  

  • Excel to learn- Library with wide range of books and educational toys

  • Audio visual lab

  • Photography & Journalism

  • Indoor and outdoor games with professional coaching

  • Professional & International quality Courts like Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Shuttle Court, Volleyball, Cricket, Football. 

  • State-of-the-art Swimming pool, Skating Ring 

  • Parent orientation programs

  • Parent and student counseling

  • Unique system of monitoring to assess child's progress 

  • Free Medical Check up with professionals

Our library boasts of a collection ranging from
Fiction: Picture Books, Fairytales, Folklore, World Classics, Comics, Short Stories, Fables etc.,

Reference Section: Sets of Encyclopedia, Knowledge Banks, Atlases, Dictionaries & Thesaurus, Scientific Journals, Biographies, Facts & Trivia, literature on the English Language etc.

Periodicals Like: Newspapers, Sports Star, Wisdom, Champak, Tinkle, Readers Digest, National Geographic, Teacher's Plus, Down to Earth etc.

Science Lab: Children are naturally curious. They are enthusiastic to learn new things. We have laboratory which has essential equipment, apparatus, chemicals, specimens, models, charts etc.

Computer Lab: Children expand their horizon as they learn the science of computers and demonstrate their practical usage with the help of computer labs. There are two separate labs for the juniors and seniors with around 40 computers. Children are taught how to draw using Paint Brush, basics of text formatting using MS Word, concept of spreadsheets using Excel, making lively and effective presentations using PowerPoint, basic programming using languages such as Q Basic, Java, multimedia & basics of internet access etc. taught by experienced and skilled teachers.

Infotainment: Brain Teasers, Puzzles & Riddles, Crosswords, Anecdotes, Mathe-magic, Humor, Games, word games such as Scrabble etc.

Language Lab: we cannot stress enough on the importance of language and communication, both written and verbal. To cater to these vital requirements we have what is called the Language lab. It houses 40 computers along with the latest configuration with earphones to work individually. Model interactive software helps the students to listen and practice correct English pronunciation which helps them speak more confidently.

Math lab: A unique place to learn math using innovative techniques. It offers a different perspective to the students helping them understand basics without too much effort. The Math lab has been newly introduced and is hugely popular among the students.

ICR: Commonly known as Smart Classes! All our class rooms from I to IX have been installed with ICRs from NIIT, which enables the students to learn & know better, they do not have to go to special halls or audio visual rooms for it.

Transportation: For the convenience of students we run 8 buses within a radius of 15 km. All our drivers are experienced and hold a valid Drivers’ License since safety is of paramount importance.

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